First off I want to say that your videos on the tube are inspirational.
I am in the process of starting my own trucking company with own authority (im sure you’ve heard that line time and time again). but my case is slightly different. Im a young dude that has been fortunate enough to around the right people at the right and I don’t have any debt . I am currently in the defense contracting sector doing IT(prior military). I’ve been, over the past few years trying to find away to create residual income apart from my 9-5. I have a high school buddy of mine that has been driving for about 8 years and knows what he is doing and understands trucking. He is willing to drive for me pulling containers from the port in Charleston SC, split the profit 50/50 after expenses taxes etc. I have the money to maintain and purchase 2 trucks insurance bonds etc my wife will be doing the bookkeeping. I plan on running both trucks out of the port ( I have another driver as well) after I get the first one setup and pulling loads. In future planning I would like to add 2 more trucks pulling military freight/hazmat. what companies do military freight? Or how do I get military freight loads ( besides the obvious of registration and insurance etc) I also have a clearance. Is fedex custom critical is still a good way to go?

I do have a goal and agenda though.. I want to stick to lanes that make decent money hazmat/military freight/ intermodal… I have an old head that’s been putting me on game for the most part.. He is pretty much doing what my buddy is trying to do with me. he said after expenses and taxes he brings home 1500-1800 a week, his cut 50/50. which is decent I can handle that and my driver only needs 1200 at min a week. and with 2 trucks running drayage that’s pretty straight for me since my 9-5 already brings in 70k yearly.

here is the kicker my dad has his freight broker license but is not bonded yet but when he does I know ill be able to get 100% of the load from him.

can you give me insight or advice on having someone drive for you .. what is the best profit splitting options? is 50/50 a good solution after expenses and letting the truck pay for the fuel? and what is the best way to approach hazmat/military freight? what are some realistic numbers in those lanes can the truck make? would the truck have to go east coast to west coast to pull in 5-10 bands a week in hazmat/ military freight? I know I am all over the place. I have the vision just some parts are lil cloudy. But my goal is to profit 100k a year in my pocket after everything said and done.

much respect,

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