Axle Trucking Insurance OnlineCOI – Instant Certificate Of Insurance, 24/7

Axle Trucking Insurance OnlineCOI – Instant Certificate Of Insurance, 24/7

Axle Trucking Insurance, a Miami-based insurance agency specializing in the trucking industry with headquarters in New York, is launching an industry first that is poised to remake the trucking industry: Instant online “certificate holders” added to a Certificate of Insurance (COI).

Traditionally, when a trucker prepares to make a delivery for a client he first contacts his insurance company and requests that the shipper be added as an additional insured to his COI. This procedure typically takes hours to days, resulting in frustration, inefficiency and even loss of business when a shipper becomes impatient and looks elsewhere.

Now all that is coming to an end. As part of its rebranding after being acquired by New York-based Evergreen Insurance and Risk Management in December 2017, Axle Trucking Insurance (formerly MSN Insurance Brokers, LLC) is launching Axle Trucking Insurance OnlineCOI an all-new online and mobile software to add certificate holders to the COI instantly.

The trucker logs on to Axle Trucking Insurance as the insured and after identifying himself by his email address. Then he provides the shipper’s information and it is added instantly to the COI as a certificate holder. The updated COI is automatically sent to the insured’s email address in seconds.. The entire process takes no more than half a minute!

Not only that, the insured can direct the shipper or freight broker to the website so they can download the COI with the added certificate holder themselves. All they need from the insured is his Account # and PIN. This groundbreaking software tremendously simplifies the process of adding an additional insured to the COI and cuts down the time to an absolute minimum. Its potential to reshape the industry cannot be overstated.

Axle Trucking Insurance OnlineCOI will become available with the launch of Axle’s new website on February 15.