Research Focus

The Gibson laboratory uses advanced mass spectrometry, together with an expanding suite of protein and carbohydrate chemistries, to elucidate the molecular details of biological processes that are important in aging, age-related diseases and human health. Current studies include the study of neurodegenerative diseases (Parkinson’s and Huntington disease), cancer, infectious diseases, and several cell and animal model systems of aging. Given the complexity of these systems, most of the work in the Gibson laboratory is carried out in collaboration with one or more Buck Institute faculty, or with outside collaborators at other academic institutions. The major on-going projects in the lab include:

Chemistry Core: The Chemistry and Proteomics Core provides mass spectrometric analysis and expertise to the researchers at the Buck Institute and external collaborators.

Geroscience P30 Core: The P30 Mass Spectrometry and Imaging Core serves to integrate the unique instrumentation facilities at the Buck Institute in imaging and mass spectrometry for research initiatives in the U54 Geroscience program, such as in structural and functional proteomics, and for the analysis of drugs and targeted metabolites.